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The Mystery of William J. James

When I first started to research my wife's family history, I was given the challenge of learning more about William J. James, one of her great-grandfathers on her father's side. We have a record of William J. James' wedding to Grace Brewer in Oklahoma in 1925, and he appears as the father on his son's birth certificate in 1927. After that point we have no information about where he went, when he died, if he ever had more children, etc. We don't know who his parents or other siblings were, and therefore don't have any further information on this branch of the family tree. What we (think) we know so far is Name: William J. James; Date of Birth: 1885; Birthplace: Colorado; Occupation as of 1925: Auto Mechanic or Garage Man at "M and M Garage"; Marriage: To Grace Brewer, 31 Dec 1925 in Picher, Oklahoma. We also have the picture you see on the left. If you have any information about this William James, please contact me!
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