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1 "Malinda Arnold, daughter of Zachariah and Charlotte (Tarver) Arnold, was a twin.
She was born on 18 Jan 1810 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. She married ca 1825 Jarred
David Simmons (born 23 July 1800, Va.; died 10 July 1884). She died after 2 Aug
1870, but before 1877. She and her husband are buried in the Taylor Cemetery,
Lincoln Co., Tenn. (Her husband married (2) Mrs. Henrietta Jones on 29 Mar 1877.)
Their children:

1. A son born 1825-30, Lincoln Co. Tenn.
2. Martha Caroline Simmons, born 16 Apr 1828; married 13 Feb 1844; died
17 Apr 1881 – all in Lincoln Co., Tenn. Her husband was James H.
Taylor. They are buried in the Taylor Cemetery near Smithland, Tenn.
3. Charlotte Simmons, born 24 Nov 1832, married (1) on 10 Oct 1849 to
Sanders Taylor; (2) on 23 Jan 1866 to William Bradford Faulkner. She
died 24 Nov 1877 and is buried in the Taylor Cemetery near Smithland,
4. John Simmons, born 1 Mar 1840, married Mary Ludemia Walker ca 1866
(perhaps in Madison Co., Alabama). He died on 1 April 1885 and is
buried in the Kelso Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Tenn.
5. Nancy Simmons, born ca 1842, married on 19 Aug 1858 to William J.
Caldwell. She married (2) 31 Aug 1864 to Marion Bennett. She is
probably buried in the Kelso Cemetery, Lincoln Co. Tenn.
6. Jarred Arnold, born ca 1845; died 6 Jul 1863 after having been
wounded on 2 or 3 July in the engagement near Gettysburg, PA (CSA).
7. Malinda Simmons, born 3 Dec 1847, married on 17 Feb 1864 to Albert
Clark Bostick. She died on 19 July 1890 at Smithland, Lincoln Co.
Tenn., and is buried in the Bostick Cemetery. She is ancestress of
Mrs. Johnson’s husband and children.
8. Fletcher Simmons, born 3 Apr 1850, married 23 Sep 1868 in Madison Co.,
Ala. His wife was Lucy Frances Walker. He died after 1878." 
ARNOLD, Malinda (I649)
2 1731 at Zuscher Wald, 1737 Mayor of Baracken. Member of the Reformed Church DRIESSLER, Mathes Druessler (I49)
3 1731 at Zuscher Wald, 1737 Mayor of Baracken. Member of the Reformed Church Family F20
4 1753 - sold hut in Zintershutten and bought one in Damflos PINCK, Peter (I44)
5 1857 in family tree in Lynne's materials, but 1856 in obituary included with same. PEDERSON, Ane Marie (I337)
6 1880 census ( was a farmer; 1900 census lists him as a carpenter MILLER, Frederick (I361)
7 1880 Census page has lots of Piggs and Dyers in the same area, could be a good place to look if I get stuck on a branch. PIGG, William Stokely P. "Jack" (I600)
8 1880 US Census shows a son Ramsey Miller, born in 1869. Need to research this further, wasn't in family records. MILLER, Frederick (I361)
9 1895 Census shows Betsey L. Clement as the head of the household, with 4 males and 2 females in the house. NEWCOMB, Betsey L. (I73)
10 1900 Census:

Elizabeth (here listed as just "B") gives her father's birthplace as France, mother as Scotland. 
RHEIN, Elizabeth (I310)
11 1905 Minnesota Census record:

Name: Peter H Nielsen
Age: 50
Census Date: 2 Jun 1905
County: Redwood
Locality: Morgan
Birth Location: Denmark
Gender: Male
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1855
Race: White
Father's Birth Location: Denmark
Mother's Birth Location: Denmark
LINE: 14
Roll: MNSC_150 
NIELSEN, Peter Hansen (I336)
12 1905 MN Census shows John in Pipestone with his father Claus. Claus is listed as born in Germany, along with both of his parents. John is shown as born in Norway, along with both of his parents. I believe this was a mistake, since the following group was born in Norway. I haven't found anything else to indicated that John would have been from Norway rather than northern Germany. HARMSEN, John Claus (I57)
13 1910 Census: Douglas Ward 2, Cochise, Arizona
Age in 1910: 34; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

1920 Census: Hardwick, Kings, California

1930 Census: Hanford, Kings, California
Age: 49; Marital Status: Divorced; Relation to Head of House: Head

RHEIN, Elizabeth (I310)
14 1920 census index lists a Charles Spong (brother) and Jane Spong (mother) living with Ben and Ethel. These Spongs are listed with Irish heritage, which does not match up with any of my other information. Upon closer examination, it appears a page of the census is missing. Ben and Ethel Spong appear at the end of page 1, page 2 is missing, and then this Charles and Jane appear at the top of page 3, with a ------- for last name (same as previous). So their last name was not Spong, it was whoever was at the end of page 2. SPONG, Harry Benjamin (I343)
15 22 NOV 1664 appears to be an error, when he survived his wife PALMER, Henry (I146)
16 According to Dale: Dad was Edward Blanchard, but Lawrence had little contact with him. He was either adopted or raised by another family. BLANCHARD, Laurence Edward (I307)
17 According to the Knowles site, Benjamin can be shown as a descendant of Peter Knowles through DNA testing: 
NOLES, Benjamin (I618)
18 Accuracy of Elizabeth RICE as correct spouse for John BREWER III is tenuous. First, she was likely born in MA, and there is separate Brewer line there from the VA line. In addition, there are many sources who list no spouse for John, then others who list his wife as either Ann or Jeanna. 
RICE?, Elizabeth? (I1016)
19 Additional details and details about ancestors found on, Duke-Killebrew tree maintained by gdhopkins1951. Lists a source as:

"The Links of Our Family and Connected Kin,"
Nancy Duke Murphy and Josephine Duke McMahan
Gateley's Print Shop, Clarksville, TN, 2002 
LINK, James Adam (I289)
20 After analysis of DNA matches and a long journey through paper records, we now know that John Coulbourn Strong used the alias William J. James to enlist in the British Army in 1915 and again when he met and married Grace Brewer in 1925. For an extensive report on his story, see the attached history. STRONG, John Coulbourn (I283)
21 Allen Family Tree on has 17 NOV 1845 as DOB in Bayern, Germany. GERBER, Karolina (I395)
22 Amanda listed as Randolph rather than Rudolph 
Family F153
23 Ancestry Tree with more people going back but no sources: NOLES, Benjamin (I618)
24 has a marriage record for a Niels Christensen and Margrethe Olsen in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2 JUN 1873. Niels is 22 years old, and Margrethe is 24 years old. No real indication this is them for sure, just a lead. CHRISTENSEN, Niels (I12)
25 has birth/death dates that have to be incorrect based on her children. HANSDOTTER, Kersti (I818)
26 tree has this as Ann Rissing from Massachusetts, but I have no idea if this is correct:

Instead, this seems to be a separate New England line of Brewers: 
Ann (I1012)
27 tree note (

HOFFBECK, Peter Jensen (I334)
28 At one time I had more information listed for Niels and his parents, but I no longer think it is reliable or correct.

I had 3 Feb 1858 as his birth in Skjoldelev, Lading, Sabro, rhus, Denmark. That information came from an record, but I no longer believe it is for our Niels Christensen (or if it is, is surrounded by so much other incorrect information as to be unreliable).

Based on that birth date and location, and had decided that Niel's parents were Christen Caspersen (born 1826 in Denmark) and Karen Marie Nielsdotter (born 1828 in Denmark). There is a baptism record ( for Niels in Lading on May 9, 1858. Given the small town and the baptism close to his birth date, these are probably the parents of that Niels Christensen. But since I can't rely on the birth date/location, I'm not confident they are in our line.

The marriage record for Christen and Karen ( provides information on each of their parents.

It is possible that I will be able to establish the birth information for Niels more accurately, so leaving this here for future reference. 
29 At the moment I don't have a ton of confidence here or going back, since most of it appears to be based on the OneWorldTree. BATDORF, George Peter (I365)
30 Augusta Maria Carolina Dahl was born on December 3, 1857. She was raised by her parents who lived about 20 miles from the Spong home in Sweden. Her father was a soldier in the standing army of Sweden. Her parents were Peter and Caroline (Johnson) Dahl. Grandma Augusta was the oldest of a family of nine children; she had five brothers and three sisters. DAHL, Per Alfred (I349)
31 Baptism/Christening date is from Kopan Family Records PDF, but has question mark. Would be great to confirm. KOPANKIEWICZ, Alexius B. (I65)
32 Birth date source: Allen Family Tree on maintained by rhodabes SCHROEDER, Helmut Ernest Friedrich Karl (I394)
33 Birth: 1880
Ouachita County
Arkansas, USA
Death: Oct. 14, 1918
Ouachita County
Arkansas, USA

Millard Henry was the first child of Marshall Webster and his wife Sallie L. (Warnock) Purifoy. He was born about 1880 in the old Purifoy home near Chidester,Arkanasa where he grew up. He Married Lucy Bryan Dec. 1903. She died in child birth, a girl that also died. Millard then married Lucy Pearl Brewer of Mt. Vernon Texas, the daughter of William Camp Brewer and Margaret Handley. She was born June the 21st 1878. Margaret Handley Brewer was the sister of Martha Handley Purifoy Millards Grandmother. Millard and his family moved several time in southwest Arkansas and east Texas following the logging and timber business. In 1918, the whole family had the flu and Millard took bronchial pneumonia and died and was buried in the Purifoy cemetery.

Purifoy Cemetery
Ouachita County
Arkansas, USA

Created by: Mickey Purifoy
Record added: Jun 04, 2007
Find A Grave Memorial# 19720643 
PURIFOY, Milllard Henry (I1641)
34 Blacksmith and Church Censor (Censer?) DELLWO, Johan Peter (I38)
35 Borst appears in family records of civil war letters, but Bort appears to be correct spelling.

Name is Louise L. Bort on Social Security application:

Also looks like Bort on marriage record: 
BORT, Louisa L (I1100)
36 California death record is available on FamilySearch (, image 260 of 853.

Adele L. Blanchard, died 2 Nov 1911 in Fresno County, California. 
BEALL-WOLFE, Adele Lorena (I494)
37 Changed name from Karlsson to Bjugard in Sweden. BJUGARD, Emil (I1182)
38 Changed name from Karlsson to Bjugard in Sweden. BJUGARD, Oskar (I1181)
39 Changed name from Karlsson to Bjugard in Sweden. BJUGARD, David (I1180)
40 Changed name from Karlsson to Bjugard in Sweden. BJUGARD, Verner (I1183)
41 Changed name from Karlsson to Bjugard in Sweden. BJUGARD, Allan (I1184)
42 Charles Pitcher's brother Zina Pitcher was a well-known doctor and politician who settled in Michigan. He helped to found the University of Michigan and was elected as the Mayor of Detroit, Michigan. The following is an excerpt from a speech published in Michigan Alumnus, Volume 14, University of Michigan Alumni Association:

"An address delivered before the Medical Department on Founder's Day, February 22. Zina Pitcher, son of Nathaniel Pitcher, a captain in the revolutionary war, and Margaret Stevenson, a Scotch woman, was born April 12, 1797, on a farm in Washington county, New York. His mother, when he was but five years old, was left a widow with her three children, Zina, Sidney and Charles, and a stepson, Nathaniel Pitcher. Upon her devolved the task of providing a livelihood and a schooling for the four boys, out of the resources of a new farm. Several years later she married Solomon King by whom she had a son Benjamin, who was the father of Zina Pitcher King, now living in Ann Arbor. Notwithstanding the adverse and trying conditions which beset her, and with a singular appreciation of the value of education, the mother bent every effort to provide its advantages for her five children. How well she succeeded may be seen in the career of her stepson who, as General Nathaniel Pitcher, became Lieutenant-Governor of New York in 1826, and, on the death of Dewitt Clinton, in 1828, the Acting Governor of the State. The son, Sidney, died young and unmarried, while Charles married in the south, and his descendants, it appears, actively supported the Lost Cause." 
PITCHER, Charles Grandison (I2107)
43 Charles Samuel McQuary was an actor in Hollywood. Lots of details on MCQUARY, Charles Samuel (I158)
44 Christening record for daughter Karen: HOFFBECK, Peter Jensen (I334)
45 Civil War Diary of N.B. Brewer
A transcription of a diary of N.B. Brewer. This was given to me as photocopies of a transcription made by someone that I now believe to be my Uncle James (my father's brother). The transcription is written on paper from "The Morris Plan Company Of Oklahoma". I've tried to copy the capitalization of words as closely as I can, but the transcription is in cursive writing, and sometime it is hard to tell. Where in doubt of the spelling, I've notated with the following... [sp]. Any other added notations will be in the same brackets.

Grandfather Locke's mother's maiden name was Brewer. They came to Muskogee, Indian Territory from Tennessee after the war (between the states).

Napoleon was the oldest of 7 children born to James Moody Brewer and Rebekah Green Richardson. James was born in North Carolina about 1793. Some information about the family:

- Napoleon B. Brewer, born 22 Feb 1838 in Gibson County, TN; died 07 Mar 1863 in Shelbyville, TN
- Samuel Richard Brewer, born 10 Nov 1839 in Park Place, TN
- John Allen Brewer, born 24 Aug 1841 in Park Place, TN
- Ann Elizabeth Brewer, born 04 Feb 1843
- Theodore Frelinghuysen Brewer, born 30 Jan 1845 in Tennesse, died 06 Apr 1928 in Tulsa, OK
- Mary E. Brewer, born 13 Feb 1847 in Park Place, TN, died 14 Jul 1924 in Oklahoma (my great-grandmother)
- James Brewer, born about 1849 in Tennessee

John Locke
Austin, TX 
BREWER, Napolean B. (I1543)
46 Connection to son Benjamin is provided through family records of Mary Hazel Noles, in additional family trees on NOLES, Robert Ervin (I572)
47 Conversation with Dale Blanchard, 5/26/2013:

Dale recalls that there were three sisters and an older brother among Elizabeth's siblings. The older brother received all of the inheritance. He also believes that the family story is that there was Jewish heritage among the Rhein family, although he is not sure who, or how far back. 
RHEIN, Elizabeth (I310)
48 Conversation with Dale Blanchard, 5/26/2013:

The family lived in a converted rail car, and Thomas was a station agent. They would move to different stations for his work and the car, which was their home, would come with them.

This makes me wonder if the gravestone showing Thomas Blanchard as a doctor is ours. There may be two different people here with similar birth dates. 
WILCOX, Thomas Emmet (I309)
49 Conversation with Joyce Harmsen on

"Hi Joyce,
My name is Erik Christensen. I am a grandson of Esther (Harmsen) Christensen and I am researching my ancestors. Not sure if you are still active, but I had some questions about the information you posted here and wonder if you could help.
I see that you have Claus Harmsen as the father of John Harmsen. The only census record that I see for that is the 1905 MN census, where John is listed as from Norway (mistake?) and they are listed as being in the country for 6 or 7 years, which conflicts with the other immigration records.
Do you have any other sources (or personal knowledge) for Claus as the father of John Harmsen? Or any information about his wife Katrina Anson or his parents?

"I am not active on currently so don't have access to viewing the original census record for 1905 but the information from the summary does list Norway as the birth place of John Harmsen. I was pretty certain I had the correct family on the census record, but the birthplace of John Harmsen being Norway puzzles me. My source of information was basically a Harmsen family genealogy compiled by Loraine and Al Dahlberg in 1964 and updates provided in 1965 and 1968. These updates were provided by my mother-in-law. The introductory page to this source does say, "Claus and Katrina Harmsen, with the children Katherine, Hans, William, Merie, and John, came to America from Germany in 1884. They settled in Meridan, Iowa. No other details are known." I do know the family also lived in the Pipestone, MN area. Meridan, Iowa must have been a stopping off point for immigrants as my own grandparents also spent time there on their way to Nebraska.

Claus adopted my husband's grandfather, William Harmsen. Until recently, we did not know the name of William's mother. Marlene Harmsen Clemens ([email protected]) has very recently learned William's mother was Catharina Maria Anton through a source in Germany who obtained William's birth certificate. Could she be the same person as Katrina Anson? I would suggest you contact Marlene who is obviously a better source of information than I am since she is a Harmsen descendent through William. She is currently hoping to contact Loraine Dahlberg or a descendent." 
HARMSEN, John Claus (I57)
50 Conversation with Verna Christensen (Daughter of Holger), August 2012:

"I spoke with Verna yesterday and her daughter. She is going to send me some into that she had tracked down.

Has a picture from a shop in Copenhagen with my grandfather's parents. They never came to US. She thinks grandfather came into the US through Canada.

He was injured when they (or someone) was moving. Was trying to hold down a mattress on top of a car and the wind blow it off with him on top of it. Spent a lot of time in the VA Hospital (not sure if he was a vet?) and they didn't think he would walk again, but I guess he did." 
CHRISTENSEN, Holger L. (I11)

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